Posted on Feb 3, 2019

Wilmette Counseling Center

Today marks seventeen years since an incredible man left us. You probably didn’t know him but if you know me, you’ve see more than glimpses. I always capitalize the D in Dad when I write about him. In his short 53 years on earth, he left profound lessons in love, work, and selfhood.

John W. Linebarger, Sr. holding his daughter, Laura in 1974.
In a generation that favored stoicism and prescribed rules of order, my Dad didn’t stand out in the ways you’d expect.  He was quietly the glue that bonds people together. Until his mother died in 1991, he called her every Friday to stay in touch.  The youngest and most fair complected of four, he also glued us to his siblings, Aunt Su Su, Uncle Dick (whom he shares a mirror image, only in olive), and Aunt Ann.  Connected to his younger sister by my middle name, I was always told the extra “e” in my Anne was an acknowledgement that I’d be different.

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